Software for employee management for Employee Management

Access entire employee data and history easily and instantly from everywhere at any time.

Manage the salaries, recruitment, vacations just as conveniently as using e-banking.

Automate all the employee documentation and processes - hiring, contract updates, promotions, offboarding, name changes etc.

Legally sound documentation, always - we ensure compliance to the latest National Labor Code and other legislation.

personalo valdymo sistema HCM.LT SaaS technologies

Automated HR Processes

Absolutely all the documents - agreements, appendices, directives, orders - are generated automatically, leaving no room for human error. No more routine manual work.

Ease of Use

The pleasant and intuitive, modern tool reduces your typical tasks and processes from hours and days down to a few seconds.

Work from Everywhere

The online HR management software is accessible globally and adopts to your device - mobile, PC or tablet. The true power of SaaS.

Electronic Vacations

Simple and convenient vacation order, approval, substitute planning - all with the vacation calendar and synced to your ERP.

Security and Data Protection

Special routines and tech remedies ensure data protection and confidentiality. The solution is developed by the e-banking professionals.

SaaS for Cost Saving

Don't worry about servers, backups and IT specialists. Everything is already set up for you and works like a charm.

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